Milford Haven Marina Lock Gates Time Lapse. The new lock gates at Milford Marina, Pembrokeshire, Wales in operation.

Specialist Time Lapse Photography

Commercial time lapse photography is unique in giving an audience a view of a developing project that could be over hours, days or even weeks, in a short, easily viewable video. Video times can be anything required for the usage and audience, but could be 10 seconds, 1-2 minutes or longer. 

Time Lapse Sells

Video is often to long to watch on the web, and expensive to produce an entire film edited to show aspects of construction, building, processes etc. Very effective when done well, but time lapse is a very different medium, and can be captivating to watch. Your audience can see a building grow before their eyes, showing all the techniques used to piece it together, along with the way you work on site.